Providing proven solutions

We work with a small, experienced team to find the solution that works for you. Using the best ingredients from Japan, and key knowledge on formulation we can develop or reformulate the best Food & Nutrition products for you.

Why MCLS Europe can provide the best solution

MCLS Europe is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Mitsubishi Corporation Life Science Ltd., whose companies are located all over the world. As a part of this large multinational, our small and dedicated team of professionals benefits from high quality R&D processes and international expertise. Combined with knowledge of the local market, our company passionately supports every customer with tailored solutions.

Food Solutions

Whether you look for the latest innovation in Umami boosting, Salt reduction, Product reformulation or Sugar reduction: we can support all types of solutions within the Food ingredient space.

Health Solutions

When you are looking to develop something truly unique within the Nutritional space, you need ingredients that are both safe and that have been clinically proven. Our Nutrition range has it all: they are backed by sound science, all natural (based on fermentation) and true specialties. We can support with both technical and legal advice.

Help you develop ‘the edge’ your products deserve

Do you want to improve existing products or develop unique new products that are tastier, healthier and simply better?

MCLS R&D lab

We work for you or with you in our fully equipped appliance kitchen where we can make a variety of savoury applications such as soups, sauces, plant based products, vegetarian burgers, flavours and much more. We give unique support to every customer, regardless of their size.

Sensory specialists and professional panel

Our sensory specialists and professionally trained panel are able to perform sensory tests. We have the ability to apply any of our ingredients to your utilization and provide you with the best possible solution.

Creativeness and inspiration

Our team regularly creates a wide variety of product demonstrations and applications with our Japanese heritage or European trends as a source of inspiration. Our knowledge and experience allows us to develop customised products based on your requirements and gives you the inspiration to create top-notch products.

Years of experience and bespoke service

With a long tradition of fermentation technologies in Japan, MCLS Europe was established in 2015 to bring the best ingredients to the European market with a dedicated team of experts and our own R&D facilities in Amstelveen, the Netherlands.