Energize mitochondria

Mitochondria are crucial organelles that play a vital role in the energy metabolism of cells. They produce ATP, the primary energy source for cellular functions. Mitochondria have a complex structure, including an outer membrane, inner membrane, and matrix. The folded inner membrane provides a large surface area for enzymes and transporters involved in energy production.

Proper mitochondrial function relies on the availability of specific cofactors and molecules involved in energy metabolism. Pyrroloquinoline quinone (PQQ) is one such molecule that positively affects mitochondrial function. PQQ serves as a redox cofactor in mitochondrial enzymatic reactions and acts as a potent antioxidant, safeguarding mitochondria from oxidative stress.

Research indicates that PQQ promotes mitochondrial biogenesis, generating new mitochondria. This is important because aging or stressors can impair existing mitochondria. By stimulating the growth of new mitochondria, PQQ helps maintain cellular energy production. PQQ also enhances mitochondrial respiration, leading to increased ATP production.

PQQ disodium salt, a stable and bioavailable form, readily absorbed by cells, demonstrates positive effects on mitochondrial function. This form of PQQ has been studied for potential health benefits, including neuroprotection, cardioprotection, and anti-inflammatory effects. However, further research is required to fully understand these benefits.

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