Lesys™ Crystalline Maltitol

Lesystm Crystalline Maltitol is a polyol sweetener that is naturally sweet and can be used to replace sugar in a wide range of applications. Produced from renewable non-GM tapioca, it is reduced in calories and highly versatile with a full sugar taste.


  • Sugar reduction

    Sugar reduction? Try our Lesys™ Crystalline Maltitol. Comparable sweet profile and mouthfeel.

Benefits of Lesys™ Crystalline Maltitol

  1. 1 It does not cause tooth decay
  2. 2 Has a lower glycaemic index (GI) than either sucrose or glucose
  3. 3 Safe for diabetics

Applications of Lesys™ Crystalline Maltitol

More about Lesys™ Crystalline Maltitol

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