Yeast Extracts

MCLS offers a diverse portfolio of yeast extract products tailored to solve specific industry challenges. This portfolio ranges from basic yeast extracts for general flavour improvement, to specialised high-nucleotide yeast extracts designed for more advanced applications.

High-nucleotide yeast extracts, which are particularly rich in flavour-improving compounds like inosine monophosphate (IMP) and guanosine monophosphate (GMP). These compounds provide a robust umami depth that can significantly improve the taste profiles of a wide array of food products. Their potency allows for lower dosages while achieving desired flavour intensities, making them very efficient.

These high-nucleotide products are especially valuable in clean-label formulations, where the use of synthetic flavours and additives is restricted. Labelled simply as ‘yeast extract’ or ‘natural flavour’, they offer manufacturers the ability to maintain a product’s clean-label status without compromising on taste, aligning with consumer preferences for natural and straightforward ingredient lists.

This capability positions MCLS’s yeast extracts as essential components in the development of products that meet both regulatory standards and consumer expectations for natural ingredients.

Composition and Advantages

Yeast extracts, produced through the autolysis of yeast cells, are abundant in essential vitamins, amino acids, and minerals. Their ability to impart a natural umami flavour makes them a preferred alternative to synthetic additives, supporting the clean label movement that is gaining traction across the food industry.

MCLS utilises yeast extracts to address several key industry challenges:

Flavour: Integrating yeast extracts helps reduce sodium content by emphasising the natural flavours of food products without the need for artificial additives.

Plant-based Innovations: With the surge in demand for vegetarian and vegan options, yeast extracts offer a meat-like taste and texture, essential for developing appealing plant-based alternatives.

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