AROMAWAY™ is a natural dried torula yeast that provides a full-bodied flavour by enhancing meaty, fatty and spice notes, it is excellent at harmonising taste. AROMAWAY™ also provides balance, richness and complexity for your final flavour formulation, resulting in a truly authentic tasting product.


  • Koku / kokumi sensation

    With slow cooking or fermenting foods you get a great eating experience with a complexity of flavours. In Japan this experience is called koku or kokumi. Aromaway™ contributes to that wonderful taste experience by adding additional complexity.

  • Harmonising taste

    AROMAWAY™ Is very effective in applications to provide that pleasant signature taste that makes products differentiate and stand out in a positive way. It can harmonize the taste of sharp and peaky flavours and spices even in the most complex and flavour rich applications.

  • Umami taste improvement

    Aromaway™ can also very actively support in bringing a depth of Umami flavours.

Benefits of AROMAWAY™

  1. 1 Aromaway™ is a dried yeast that still contains the cell walls which has unique taste properties which enhance and harmonise spices, give mouthfeel and body and even enhance smoke flavours in products like barbecue sauce. Its well suited to add extra complexity to spicy food and flavours and is very effective in combination with soy sauce applications.
  2. 2 Aromaway™ is very concentrated and can be used in low dosage vs other yeast extracts and still provides a great impact on overall taste. We bring all our state of the art Japanese fermentation technology together with high quality standards together to provide flavour signature and complexity to provide a great tasting experience.
  3. 3 Aromaway™ is well suited for clean label products as it can be declared natural flavouring or simply yeast. It is halal and kosher certified and is suitable for vegan and vegetarian applications as well as other plant-based products

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