Plant based cheese

To create a plant based product with the same properties of cheese; to recreate a product with the huge variety of properties of cheese, food ingredients have to be used inventively. When succeeded, the taste is a challenge. Due to the complex fermentation and ripening process, cheese has a umami taste that can be added to your product with AROMILD™ and AJITOP™, unique to our portfolio is that we can bring in the dairy note with AROMILD™U15 or bite with AROMAWAY™. Once this balance is brought back in your application, you can create the identity of your product by adding a flavour of your own choice.
Finding the right solution for your plant based cheese is one of delicate balance, because the basic product and processing of the material is of influence on the final taste. Do you want to find the best solution for your vegan cheese, please contact our food technologist.

Our products suitable for use in plant based cheese