AJIREX™NH is a unique yeast extract with a combination of special peptides and dietary fibres to enhance creaminess, fattiness, mouthfeel, body, and masks bitterness and other off flavours. What makes this yeast extract special is that it has very low levels of free amino acids and nucleotides, offering no umami, no yeasty or bouillon taste, in other words very neutral in taste. Due to its unique properties AJIREX™NH is suitable for beverages, dairy, plant based drinks and cheese as well as savoury applications. AJIREX™NH also stabilises anthocyanin colour in beverages and other applications.


  • Masking off notes

    Is a proven solution in savoury applications to mask bitterness of potassium chloride used as partial substitute for sodium chloride. Also its well tested to mask powdery notes, acid notes and unwanted off flavours from preservatives. In instant and ready to use beverage and dairy applications it can mask off notes associated with high intensity sweeteners.

  • Lowering fat content

    Is an effective ingredient to increase the creamy and mouthfeel perception when lowering the fat content in dairy applications. It provides thickness and that fullness for a great taste experience.

  • Flavour profile improvement

    Brings important taste attributes like mouthfeel, succulence and body for an optimal taste perception.

  • Koku / kokumi sensation

    With slow cooking or fermenting foods you get a great eating experience with a complexity of flavours. In Japan it's called koku or kokumi. Ajirex™NH contributes to that wonderful taste by adding body, mouthfeel and thickness.

  • Stabilizing anthocyanin colours

    Has the unique property of stabilizing anthocyanin colour with extending and keeping a longer vivid colour in beverages.

Benefits of AJIREX™NH

  1. 1 Ajirex™NH is a non-hygroscopic yeast extract and next to savoury also well suited to contribute to taste and mouthfeel in dairy and beverage applications due to its neutral taste properties. Ajirex™NH is very effective in dairy application to get full flavour and body with reduced fat.
  2. 2 Ajirex™NH is very concentrated and can be used in low dosage vs other yeast extracts. We bring all our state of the art Japanese fermentation technology together with high quality standards together to provide body, mouthfeel and even a slow cooking koku complexity to provide a great tasting experience.
  3. 3 Ajirex™NH is well suited for clean label products as it can be declared natural flavouring or simply yeast extract. It is halal and kosher certified and is suitable for vegan and vegetarian applications such as plant based products.
  4. 4 Ajirex™NH has the unique property that its stabilises anthocyanin colour, perfect for keeping that vivid colour for optimal sensory evaluation.

Applications of AJIREX™NH

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