Salt reduction

It is well known that on average people consume too much sodium, which contributes to cardiovascular diseases. Governments all over the world insist that food producers reduce the amount of sodium in all food categories such as soups, snacks, bread, cheese, processed meat, ready meals etc. Sodium reduction already took place in many of these products, step by step, but it is coming to a point where it becomes difficult to further reduce without sacrificing good taste and consumer acceptance.

MCLS has a lot of experience with salt reduction in all of these food categories. Our approach to sodium reduction is divers:

  1. Add umami with AJITOP™, AJIREX™ or AROMILD™
  2. Add potassium chloride and mask the off note with AJIREX™NH
  3. Unique and customized  combination of yeast extracts  to mimic salt sensation and/ or improve taste of low salt applications

Our ingredients suitable for salt reduction

Applications related to salt reduction