AJIREX™is a yeast extract with an optimal combination of special peptides, amino acids and nucleotides giving umami, body, fattiness, and enhancing many flavours, such as chicken and meat flavours. AJIREX™ can also be used to reduce salt levels while maintaining optimal taste.


  • Salt reduction

    Creates similar taste intensity effects as regular salt making it an effective tool to provide optimal taste in low salt applications.

  • Masking off notes

    Can mask undesired off-notes in a variety of products such as processed meat, meat extract or plant based products

  • Flavour profile enhancement

    Brings important taste sensations like mouthfeel, succulence and body for an optimal taste experience.

Benefits of AJIREX™

  1. 1 Ajirex™ is neutral in taste when compared with other yeast extracts and makes it a very versatile single ingredient to use in many savoury applications. Ajirex™ works very well to provide body in combination with full savoury and umami taste.
  2. 2 Ajirex™ is very concentrated and can be used in low dosage vs other standard yeast extracts. We bring all our state of the art Japanese fermentation technology together with high quality standards to bring a balanced umami taste sensation for culinary perfection.
  3. 3 Ajirex™ is well suited for clean label products as it can be declared natural flavouring or simply yeast extract. It is halal and kosher certified and is suitable for vegan and vegetarian applications such as plant based products

Applications of AJIREX™

More about AJIREX™

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