Meat products

To enhance the taste and improve the properties of meat, it is injected with brine. To enhance the natural taste of meat, our AJIREX™, AROMILD™ and AJITOP™ can be used to delicately enhance the taste of the meat without adding taste of its own. 

Seasonings give a special experience to meat; the special mixture of herbs and spices give that minced meat the experience of kebap or grandmother’s meatball and everything in between. When creating the composition of herbs and spices it is challenging to enhance the good parts and give that extra umami and succulence to the meat. The combination of AROMILD™ and AJITOP™ gives a boost of umami; the addition of AROMILD™U15 lifts the meaty flavour. 

Finding the right balance for your brine or seasoning is a delicate balance, it is a game of enhancing the key notes and lifting the final taste. Do you want to find the best solution for your seasoning, please contact our food technologist.

Our products suitable for use in meat products