Snack seasoning

Developing seasonings for snacks there are two main categories; dust-on and in-dough. In dust-on seasonings, we can add umami and body to the base of the taste. Aromild, Ajitop and Ajirex can be used for this purpose, because of the clean taste and strong impact. Ajirex NH and Aromild U15 can be used to bring in a full-body koku taste. For balancing the taste of the herbs and spices, Aromaway is the best product to use. For in-dough application there can be several reasons to apply yeast extracts, when the aim is to add umami, Aromild and Ajitop are good partners, for giving a basic note for meat or fish, Ajirex and Aromaway are useful products, to mask acidic and bitter off notes, Ajirex NH is of use.Finding the right solution for your application or seasoning is a delicate balance, it is a game of applying at the right moment. Do you want to find the best solution for your snack application, please contact our food technologist.

Our products suitable for use in snack seasoning