In order to decrease the sugar content in beverages, high intensity sweeteners are often used. AJIREX™NH can be used to mask the off-taste of these sweeteners and bring back the mouthfeel that naturally comes with sugar.

In order to add certain ‘functionalities’ or health benefits to your products, some of our Health & Nutrition ingredients can be used. L-137™ in particular, can be used as a component of beverages to add several immune boosting elements. L-137™ is stable at both in low pH and high temperature processing conditions, allowing for creative product development.

To keep the colour of your beverage vivid and bright, AJIREX™NH will help to stabilize anthocyanin molecules, which by nature are unstable to heat, light and vitamin C.
If you want to find the best solution for your beverages, please contact our food technologist.

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Benefits of beverages

  1. 1 Keep the taste and mouthfeel of real sugar in products that use sweeteners.
  2. 2 Go beyond basic food properties, and add functional health benefits to your product.

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