Cluster Dextrin™

Cluster Dextrin, also called Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin (HBCD) is a new type of carbohydrate for sports nutrition. It is manufactured from corn starch utilizing enzymatic reactions.


  • Spray drying aid

    Cluster Dextrin is especially suitable as a spray drying aid for oil. By using Cluster Dextrin, an item can be given a high oil content. The powdered oil can easily be dispersed in water, and it is hard to absorb humidity, and hard to be blocked. Furthermore, powdered oil based on Cluster Dextrin has a higher oxidative stability than other dextrin-based powders. We recommend Cluster Dextrin for powdering oxidation-labile oils such as DHA and EPA. Cluster Dextrin is also suitable as a spray drying aid for water-soluble substances such as extracts of fruits and vegetables.

  • Masking off notes

    Cluster Dextrin can improve the sour or bitter taste of vinegar- or vegetable-based beverages. The low pH of such beverages gives them a strong sour taste, which is too sharp or unpleasant for many people. By adding Cluster Dextrin, this sour taste can be ameliorated without changing the pH. Bitter tastes of green tea or other food can also be effectively improved.

Benefits of Cluster Dextrin™

  1. 1 Cluster Dextrin is highly soluble in water, and the solution is highly stable during storage. Cluster Dextrin contributes little to osmotic pressure, and has a relatively low propensity for retrogradation, sludging, and/or caking of a clear solution.
  2. 2 Cluster Dextrin has relatively long side chains, and these chains are considered to adopt a helical conformation. Such helical structures can form inclusion complexes with guest molecules such as organic acids.
  3. 3 Cluster Dextrin hardly absorbs moisture. Furthermore, Cluster Dextrin hardly causes any browning reaction. These properties make Cluster Dextrin excellent for use in a spray-drying aid.
  4. 4 Cluster Dextrin is completely degraded to glucose with a homogenate of rat intestine (including digestive enzymes) at a rate comparable to that of a conventional dextrin.
  5. 5 The sweetness of Cluster Dextrin is low compared with the sweetness of dextrins with a relatively high DE.
  6. 6 Cluster Dextrin has a low unfavorable taste derived from starch compared with other dextrins.

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