L-137® is a Postbiotic ingredient that is built upon ancient fermentation knowledge. It contains the inanimate Lactobacillus plantarum strain L-137 that was first isolated from Narezushi, a source of nutrition in Southeast Asia that owes its benefit to a precise process of fermentation.


  • Immunity enhancement

    Lactic acid bacteria are commonly found in a wide variety of fermented foods and have powerful immune effects on several fronts: Digestive Health, Oral Health, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-fatigue

  • Healthy ageing

    Healthy aging is of great interest to find out how humans can avoid, delay or survive age-related diseases. Longevity is a complex conjunction of genes, the environment and random factors that determine the chance of aging healthy. The role of the gut microbiota is of great influence as the gut microbiota are involved in human metabolism and immunology. Therefore, the gut microbiome has been proposed as a possible determinant of healthy aging.

  • Clean label

    L-137® is a naturally produced through a fermentation process.

  • Beauty

    A recent study has revealed that L-137 stimulates immune cells and induces the production of some specific factors which promote Hyalorunic acid production from mice fibroblast cells.

Benefits of L-137™

  1. 1 L-137® is more resistant to severe external conditions, such as high temperatures, and can be stored with no decrease in effectiveness over time. Moreover, it is unaffected by contact with digestive juices, giving it utmost bioavailability.
  2. 2 L-137® has a 5 year stability and as a non-spore forming ingredient it can easily be used in supplement and powder applications with a dose as low as 50 mg/day.
  3. 3 L-137® is a light brown powder, free from unfavourable organoleptic properties. It is already being used in health foods, including supplements, powdered drinks and in other applications. Globally, the product has been sold for many years under the name Immuno-LP20, L-137® is the exact same product for the European market. Visit the product page for more insights and details on clinical studies. httpss://immuno-lp20.com/
  4. 4 L-137 has synergies with Vitamin C, E and β-glucan. IL-12 production in mouse immune cells stimulated by HK L-137 is markedly enhanced by other ingredients such as vitamin C, vitamin E or β-glucan
  5. 5 L-137® accelerates production of skin health-enhancing hyaluronic acid.

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