Plant based meat

Working on plant based ingredients to create a product that reminds of a meat product like a sausage or a burger? Happy with the texture, but is the taste not what you expected? Usually you miss the juiciness and taste that naturally comes with meat. Our products bring in a basic taste to give foundation to add the herbs and spices and top note of your choice. 

Finding the right solution for your plant based structure is one of delicate balance, because the breed of the crop, growing conditions and processing of the material is of influence on the final product. Do you want to find the best solution for your plant based meat, please contact our food technologist.

Our products suitable for use in plant based meat

Solutions related to plant based meat

  • Umami taste boosting

    Umami, juiciness and succulence can be recreated with our umami products; AROMILD and AJITOP.

  • Masking off notes

    The offnotes of the plant materials can be masked with AJIREX NH.

Benefits of plant based meat

  1. 1 Plant based meats are better for the environment than meat products
  2. 2 Plant based meats generally have a longer shelf life than their meat counterparts

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