Yeast extract AROMILD™U-15 is a unique yeast extract high in natural present tri-peptide Glutathione which makes it very suitable to add that sulphury, meaty and chicken notes to savoury flavours and overall taste. AROMILD™U-15 can be used as a precursor for maillard reactions to generate a meaty natural flavouring and also supports long lasting “Koku or Kokumi” sensation, complexity and mouthfeel. AROMILD™U-15 is applicable for a wide variety of foods and works perfect in many savoury applications to add flavour complexity for a delightful eating experience.


  • Koku / kokumi sensation

    With slow cooking or fermenting foods you get a great eating experience with a complexity of flavours. In Japan it's called koku and in Europe it is better known as kokumi (koku taste). Aromild™U15 contributes to that wonderful taste by adding complexity, body and mouthfeel.

  • Flavour profile improvement

    Brings important taste sensations like mouthfeel, succulence and body for an optimal taste experience.

  • Lowering fat content

    Aromild™U15 can support the lowering of fat content in various food applications

Benefits of AROMILD™U-15

  1. 1 Aromild™U-15 is unique in its kind and has one of the highest natural tri-peptide glutathione concentrations found in yeast extracts worldwide. Aromild™U-15 as a single ingredient gives extra taste dimension to chicken and meat flavours and also brings slow cooking and long lasting Koku / kokumi sensation.
  2. 2 Aromild™U-15 is very concentrated and can be used in low dosage vs other standard and specialty yeast extracts. We bring all our state of the art Japanese fermentation technology together with high quality standards to provide flavour signature and complexity to provide a great tasting experience.
  3. 3 Aromild™U-15 is well suited for clean label products as it can be declared natural flavouring or simply yeast extract. It is halal and kosher certified and is suitable for vegan and vegetarian applications such as plant based products.

Applications of AROMILD™U-15

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