Plant-based dairy

To create a plant-based dairy alternative drink, the product developer is very dependent on the taste of the basic material. The taste of the protein source can give undesired off-tastes where masking is needed for a delicious end product. AJIREX™NH can be a solution for masking off-notes of plant proteins. In combination with AROMILD™ U-15 we can even bring back the association with dairy.
This combination provides a perfect base onto which your own identity can be added with a flavour of your choice. If you want to find the best solution for your plant-based drink, please contact our food technologist.

Our ingredients suitable for use in plant-based dairy

Solutions related to plant-based dairy

Benefits of plant-based dairy

  1. 1 Plant-based dairy substitutes are better for the environment than dairy products
  2. 2 Plant-based dairy substitutes generally have a longer shelf life than their dairy counterparts.

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