Plant based desserts

To create a plant-based dessert, the taste of the used ingredients is very much of an impact on the final product. The taste of the used ingredients; starches, proteins, fat replacers, can give an undesired off taste where masking is needed. AJIREX™NH can be a solution for masking off notes of plant proteins. In combination with AROMILD™U15 we can even bring back the association of dairy. When the dessert is based on cheese, a touch of umami can be a good addition, by adding AROMILD™ or AJITOP™. This creates a perfect base to add your own identity with a flavour of your choice.
Finding the right solution for your plant based dairy dessert is one of delicate balance, because the basic product and treatment of the material is of influence on the final taste. Do you want to find the best solution for your dessert, please contact our food technologist.